The Wild Palms Reader

Roger Trilling and Stuart Swezey, Editors

Released as the ambitious companion book to the Oliver Stone-produced ABC mini-series, The Wild Palms Reader has now attained legendary status in its own right as a landmark work of subversive speculative fiction. The Wild Palms Reader unfolds the saga of Tony Kreutzer, the brilliant and twisted guru of Synthiotics, and his sister Josie, grand dame of his mystical-fascist media empire. 

Working from the dystopian script of acclaimed novelist Bruce Wagner, The Wild Palms Reader is an extravagantly illustrated dossier of pseudo-documents. Contributors to this powerful collaborative work of fiction include: novelists William Gibson, Thomas Disch, Bruce Sterling, Mary Gaitskill, Hillary Johnson, Bruce Wagner and ex-CIA operative E. Howard Hunt; essayists Ralph Rugoff and Peter Wollen; recording artists Lemmy (Motörhead), Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and Malcolm McLaren; scientists Hans Moravec (on neural implants) and Gary Henderson (on toxico-pharmacology); and many others. Stunningly designed by Tokyo's Yasushi Fujimoto, The Wild Palms Reader has been recognized as a template for cutting-edge work in graphic, new media and website design. 

ISBN-10: 1-87892311-0
ISBN-13: 978-1878923110


"A secret masterpiece of esoterrorism" — William Gibson