Panzram: A Journal of Murder

Thomas E. Gaddis and James O. Long

A detailed memoir and self-analysis by mass murderer Carl Panzram. Panzram was born in 1891 on a Minnesota farm and died in 1930 on the gallows at the U.S.Penitentiary, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Imprisoned for most of his life from the age of twelve and brutally punished, Panzram's keen insight into the arbitrary cruelty of his fellow human being is graphically illustrated with a litany of prison abuses, as well as the details of his own sordid, tragic life. Panzram arrives as a gripping warning from America's past to new prison-industrial complex era. The authors add an historical and sociological framework for Panzram's words. Introduction by Harold Schechter, cover painting by artist Joe Coleman. 

trade paperback, 312 pages, illustrated
ISBN-10: 1878923145
ISBN-13: 978-1878923141



Panzram is a horrifying, true book. Yes, truer than true. 

— James Dickey, author of Deliverance

I enjoyed the real hell out of it. Panzram is one of those people who doesn't exist in your mind until you come across him in life, or, as here, in a book, and then he never leaves it. 

— Norman Mailer

About the Authors

Thomas E. Gaddis was most noted for his book about convicted murderer Robert Stroud, who was known as the "Birdman of Alcatraz."

James O. Long is an award-winning newspaperman and Pulitzer Prize nominee noted for his investigative and feature articles in the Portland Oregonian.

Carl Panzram