On The Run With Bonnie & Clyde

John Gilmore

Decades in the making, On the Run With Bonnie & Clyde is a fast moving and gut-wrenching, highly original exploration into the personalities of the star-crossed lovers and “public enemies” Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. A thoroughly researched, in-depth study of the true natures of these notorious outlaws, by an acclaimed author well versed in the dark fields of violence, On the Run With Bonnie & Clyde breaks away from the usual police-blotter procedurals on these outlaw lovers. Delving deep into their character in his unique and uncompromising style, Gilmore places the reader squarely inside a stolen 1932 V-8 with the desperadoes on a dusty, two-year, devil-take-the-high-road spree of robberies, shoot-outs and murder. Through the dark windshield of legend, the short lives of these outlaw desperadoes on a relentless ride to an infamous end—in a torrent of blood and bullets—emerges as an essential and compelling narrative of these undying icons of American crime lore. On the Run With Bonnie & Clyde includes a controversial critical perspective of the unlawful ambush murder of Bonnie Parker, who was never officially accused of a violent crime. Heavily illustrated with rare photos from the author’s collection.
True Crime /Biography & Autobiography
368 Pages
93 photos
6 x 9


If you're going to read one book on Bonnie & Clyde, this is it—the most definitive work that brings the reader to the gritty reality of the era."
— Marshall Terrill
John Gilmore is one of America's natural-born gifts to literature. His books aren't just wicked and inspiring by-products of genius: they're miracles. I don't know how he keeps telling the truth of things when so much of our mental landscape is shrouded in darkness and stupidity. I adore him. He's the best ever.
— Gary Indiana

About John Gilmore

Described by the Sydney Morning Herald as "the quintessential L.A. noir writer," John Gilmore has been acclaimed internationally for his hard-boiled true crime books, his Hollywood memoirs and his biting, literary fiction. He is considered one of today's most controversial American authors, with a following that spans the globe from Tokyo, Paris and London, to his native Hollywood where he was friends with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. He traveled the road to fame in many guises before turning to literature: kid magician, painter, poet, actor in films, TV, and the New York stage, then screen-writer, B-movie director and a "bang 'em out alive," nine-day pulp novelist.

On the Run With Bonnie & Clyde