Amok Fifth Dispatch

Sourcebook of the Extremes of Information

Stuart Swezey, Editor

Exhaustively researched, entertainingly annotated and provocatively illustrated guide to over two thousand of the most bizarre, controversial and thought-provoking books ­­­­­­ plus selected CD-ROMs, videos, CDs and websites – in print. The definitive reference work surveying the outer margins of our Information Age, the Amok Fifth Dispatch presents in one volume the entire gamut of extreme literature available from hundreds of publishers worldwide, complete with ordering information. The Amok Fifth Dispatch is arranged according to its own ground-breaking taxonomy, from "Control" (analysis of power structures from the Trilateral Commission to the American Psychiatric Assn.) to "Mayhem" (true crime, disasters, forensic medicine) to "Neuropolitics" (psychedelia, parapsychology, brain chemistry) to "Scratch'n'Sniff" (pop culture and kitsch) to "Orgone" (sexuality, the body, and the life-force) and more.
trade paperback, 561 pages, illustrated
ISBN-10: 1-878923-12-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-878923-12-7


"The Amok catalog is required reading for all information junkies, mutants, lunatics and anybody else interested in exploring worlds and ideas never seen... A side effect of reading the Amok catalog is that it could make you reconsider the very nature of imagination, freedom and possibility." – San Francisco Chronicle

"Amok is the research guide to all the sordid thoughts you'd never discuss at lunch... the index of all that we hold obscure, perverse, and dear." – Esquire

"You think you're postmodern. You give to your local National Public Radio station. You write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience. Jesse Helms makes your knee go into involuntary spasms. You are primed for First Amendment battles and believe you stand squarely on the side of the purists. Until you start to leaf through the Amok Fourth Dispatch." – Publisher's Weekly

"The benchmark sourcebook on deviant literature." – Vanity Fair

"An impressive collection, absolutely definitive in many ways – one can almost say that there's no need to read anything that isn't in this catalogue." – J.G. Ballard

"A reading list from Hell that is a must for any serious oddball bibliophile." – John Waters

About Stuart Swezey

Stuart Swezey is the editor and publisher of Amok Books.