This list was compiled by All-Electric Paperbacks (, who assume no responsibility for its accuracy. The addresses in the list were current at the time of its compilation; some may have changed in the meantime. We apologize to anyone who was left off of the list; we were trying to keep it to a manageable length.
Updated by Maria V. Montgomery, January 1999
A.R.S. Web Page Summary
A tremendous list of websites regarding Scientology. 50K of links!

Black Ops Encyclopedia
Brought to you by Robert Anton Wilson and conspiracy collaborator Miriam Joan Hill.

Black Planet Radical and Anarchist Books
Brings the world of radical and anti-authoritarian literature to you.

The Church of Scientology vs. the Net
Documents their continuing efforts to keep church documents secret.

CIA/MKULTRA/Mind Control
Two sites with information on the CIA's MKULTRA Program.

An international journal of theory, technology and culture. Features Baudrillard, Virilio, etc.

The Egoist Archive
The Home of Egoism on the Net.

EMF Effects
Information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields.

Flashpoint: A Newsletter Ministry of Texe Marrs
Loopy Xtian conspiracy nut selling his books.

Freedom of Thought
Info on trauma-based programming and EM targeting, propaganda, indoctrination, thought reform and covert psychological operations of "national security" states.

IllumiNet Press
Publishers of conspiracy books.

Intelligence Zone
Links to the CIA, FBI, etc.

The Konformist
Covers a broad range of subjects — conspiracy theories and beyond.

Leading Edge International Research Group
Way, way too much weirdness to list here...

Martti Koski—Mindcontrol
Stories from people who have experienced electromagnetic mind control, more.

Matrix: Conspiracies, Assassinations, Cover-Ups, New World Order, Illuminati
ParaScope's area for investigative reports on conspiracies, crimes, cover-ups and disturbing social, political and economic goings-on.

The Max Stirner Web Site
Information on philosopher Max Stirner.

Mind Control Forum
Archives, news, resources, victims! Pictures of brain implants!

The Scandal of Scientology
The complete text of the classic out-of-print 1970 exposé. Recommended.

Skeleton Closet
Digs up the dirt on political candidates!

Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons
Synopsis prepared for the ICRC Symposium "The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons."

South End Press
Titles that nurture and inspire radical social change.

The Spoon Home Page
Devoted to free and open discussion of philosophical issues. Bataille, Baudrillard, Deleuze, Guattari, Foucault, Nietzsche, more!

Temporary Autonomous Zone text by Hakim Bey.

Writings, links, resources.

The Seed Home Page
Links to anarchist resources.

Baudrillard on the Web

The Noam Chomsky Archive
Exposing the global elite...

Foucault Pages at CSUN
Lots of links and information on Michel Foucault.

Situationist International Archives
Offers the most complete archive of texts by and relating to the Situationist International available on the Net.

Year Zero—RIP Guy Debord
An internet translation of the 1952 French film "Howlings in Favor of Sade" by Guy Debord.

Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional
Spanish language Zapatista site.

Radio Zapatista Chiapas Network
Official page of Radio Zapatista.

The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle
A draft of a chapter of "The Chiapas Uprising and the Future of Revolution in the Twenty-First Century."

Jewish Defense League
The Five Principles of the Jewish Defense League!

The Palestinian National Charter
The full text of the pre-1993 anti-Israeli covenant.

Anti-Defamation League
Your portal to hate sites on the Web.

Easter Island Home Page
Information on Rapa Nui. Lots of links.

Jon Frum Home Page
Documents the cult's long wait for the arrival of a great white ship filled with cargo.

Lonely Planet Online
Good source for a variety of info on destinations.

Tahiti Web
Surf Polynesia!

The Tiki News
Enter the world of exotica past and present.

Tiki Objects by Bosko
Create your own tiki bar with Bosko's original tiki poles, masks and ceramic mugs.

Sir Richard Burton
Searchable links and information on the famous explorer.

Sir Richard Burton Society
Dedicated to the study, bibliographical and otherwise, of the noted British Orientalist and explorer

Isabelle Eberhardt
French language site on Isabelle Eberhardt.

Four Ahau Press
Publishes research relating to Mayan cosmology.

Access Manson
A Real Source for Manson Thought.

APB Online
The source for police and crime news, information and entertainment.

Aum Shinrikyo
Pro-Aum cult site with multiple-language links.

Black Dahlia Home Page
Devoted to the unsolved crime of the century. It's noir, man!
Maybe I can talk my wife into doing a

Felicity Press
A source of Unusual Publications. Carries used true-crime books, too.

Index of Home Pages Maintained by Ira Wilkser
Includes his mind-boggling (600K!) collection of law enforcement links. You'll spend a month or two here...

Internet Crime Archives
Does not spare the gory details.

Deals with various prison-related issues.

Murder Can Be Fun
Online version of the legendary true-crime zine.

Rotten dot com
Gallery of disturbing and disgusting images. Has some erotica, i.e., men fucking chickens, etc.

Secret Societies and Religious Cults (plus Crime)
Excellent true crime links page.

The Truth Is Redacted
Dedicated to researching unsolved crimes. JFK, Zodiac, and more.

Forensic Pathology
Forensic Pathology Index
Photos of death and disease.

Links to Forensic Science and Law Enforcement Sites
Brought to you by Forensic Science Associates, a consulting firm.

Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology
From Victoria Canada's Monash University.

Zeno's Forensic Page
Links to hundreds of forensic sites around the world!

Arachne's Web
One of the best Web directories of pagan sites.

A collection of modern and historical texts on Atheism.

Bob Larson Fan Club Home page
Pictures of Bob's mansion, which you may have helped pay for. Did you know that "Bob Larson" is an anagram for "A Born Slob"?

The Center for Millennial Studies
Will the world end in the year 2000?

Chick Home Page
Finally, an official Jack Chick site!

The Church of Euthanasia
Promotes suicide, abortion, cannibalism, sodomy, etc. Helpful article on butchering the human carcass.

Cults 'R' Us
Don't practice unsafe sects!

Dark Side of the Web
Over 6,000 working links to everything dark.

Dr. Laura
Propheteer and Deryk's mom

Gonzo Links
Your online guide to millennial America. Recommended!

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Will the real Golden Dawn please stand up!

Satanic Ritual Abuse
Exposes the "Satanic Panic"!

The Spirit of Truth
Explains the Apocalypse and what you need to do before it happens.

Technology and Mashiach
The late Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson on the Messianic implications of modern techology, from talks given in the late 1960s.

Villa of The Mysteries
Esoteric spirituality links.

The Paracelsus Site
Small archive of writings, links.

Aleister Crowley
Holy books of Thelema online, bio.

Ordo Templi Orientis — U.S. Grand Lodge
Online documents, membership requirements, links to other lodges, more.

Ancient Egyptian Magic
Graphics-intensive gateway to the Egyptian mysteries.

The Gnosis Archive

Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page
This site is dedicated to publishing modern material on Kabbalah and related topics.

Church of Satan
Official Church of Satan site.

Austin Osman Spare
Many links to his writings.

Austin Osman Spare
Thumbnail biography with links and his obituary.

The Troth Official Web Site
For that old-time Norse religion

The Lance, the Swastika and the Merovingians
The strange story of Hitler and the Spear of Longinus.

Vlad Tepes
Article on Vlad the Impaler.

Dracula's Home Page
Home page of Dr. Elizabeth Miller, Dracula scholar.

Vampires Only
One of the earliest and best vampire websites.

The Holy See
Your connection to the Roman Curia.

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert
Monks with JavaScript!

Vatican Souvenir Store
Get parchment papers blessed by the Holy Father!

Great Santeria resource.

The Vodun (Voodoo) Religion
Informative article.

Voodoo Information Pages
Comprehensive articles and links.

About Absinthe
What is abinsthe? Find out here.

Leary theory evolves on in cyberspace.
Hint: "entheogens" will get you high.

Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone
Huge site, placed here because of Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary sections.

Entheogen Dot
Thorough resource on mind-altering substances.

General Semantics Home Page
Applying science-mathematical methods and discoveries to daily living.

Le Fèe Verte Absinthe Gallery
Recipes, artwork and discussion on absinthe.

Great links for Neuropolitics, alchemy and more!

One of the most thorough drug information pages on the Web.

The Unofficial William S. Burroughs Home page
Searchable memorial site with many links.

William S. Burroughs
Collection of links and articles.

The William S. Burroughs Files

Dream Gate
A public archive for the dissemination of material related to dreaming.

Leary Timothy Leary Home page
Leary's page with a tour of his home.

Was Leary a CIA Agent?
Was Timothy Leary a CIA agent? Was JFK the "Manchurian Candidate"? Was the Sixties revolution really a government plot?

The Kooks Museum
A virtual monument to kookdom.

The Kook of the Month Award
Fifteen minutes of fame is a lifetime on the Net. Not recently updated.

The study of crackpots and eccentrics and of bizarre, eccentric, outré or unaccepted beliefs and theses.

Schizophrenia Help Home Page
Resource for those suffering from schizophrenia and their families.

True Rantings
A site of rants and raves by real people.

Haqqani Foundation Home Page
The Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order.

International Association of Sufism
A nonprofit group whose aim is to introduce Sufism in all its varied forms to the public

Robert Anton Wilson
The Robert Anton Wilson Page.

Ascot World
For amputees and their friends.

Autoerotic Fatalities
An objective overview with an emphasis on the myths, criteria and issues faced by a medical examiner or coroner.

The best in bestiality.

The Body Space
A before-and-after plasic surgery site.

The Burns Archive
You can buy photos from them. No online archive, however.

The Butt Page
Investigates reports of rectal foreign bodies.

Codpiece International Home Page
No, it's not about fish...

Conde Mansion
Historical information on the Marquis de Sade.

The Contortion Home Page
Resources, training info, photo library. Videos and CD-ROMs for sale.

Different Loving Home Page
Erotic writing and art dealing with sexual dominance and submission.

In the Feet of the Night
Foot fetish site.

Interactive Patient Home Page
Allows the user to simulate an actual patient encounter. I wonder if you can "kill" the "patient"...

The Electric Kool-Aid Urine Test (The Piss Page)
Bathroom antics

The Marquis de Sade
Sections on Sade's chronology, letters and works.

"For everyone who loves the Marquis de Sade," many links.

Stanton Archives
The fetish art maestro is here to serve you!

The Tom of Finland Company
Make sure you're using at least a 17-inch monitor...

City of the Silent
Cemetery Web page. Features virtual grave rubbings!

Sociology of Death and Dying
More information of death and dying than you can possibly imagine.

Drag Queen City
Drag Queen City is a cyber resource for crossdressers, transvestites, and transsexuals in the Carolinas, particularly Charlotte.

A Field Guide to the Drag Queens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Interesting items for Kentucky queens, fans and guests. Good links.

TV World's Maid in America!
Illustrated erotic stories. Has rubber and adult baby sections.

The Fate of the Foreskin
Illustrated medical study guide to circumcision.

Paul's Foreskin Restoration Progress
Pictures and diary. This Web page documents his foreskin restoration progress.

The XS4SKIN Gallery
Welcome to the foreskin page — a home for all fans of the uncircumcised penis.

NAMBLA Home page
The unhacked Home page.
Hacked NAMBLA homepage.

Nambla Sickest Group on Planet Earth
These people are not too fond of NAMBLA.

Nude resources! Nude shopping! Nude poetry! Nude everything!

Nude2000 Web Site
Surf naked...

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
Features a downloadable edition of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

World Health Organization WWW Home Page
Latest disease news!

World Wide Web Server for Virology — University of Wisconsin, Madison
Articles, pictures and links of all your faves!

American College of Orgonomy
A nonprofit educational and scientific organization.

Another Orgone Research Laboratory

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
The Luminiferous Aether, Wilhelm Reich and the orgone

WR: The Mysteries of Western Orgasm
As opposed to, say... the mysteries of Eastern orgasm

A-Albionic Books
Conspiracy, new paradigms, more. Recommended search service. Archives and links too!

American Opinion Books Services
An outlet for Americanist ideas, books and literature

American Renaissance
"A literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration and the decline of civility"

Aryan Nations
The ongoing work of Jesus the Christ re-gathering His people...

Black Facts Online!
"Our Internet Resource for Black History Information."

Blacks and Jews Newspage
Dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information about the historical relationship between Blacks and Jews.

Camille Paglia
Feminist Fatale.
Scary links!

Dave Emory's Politics of Acrimony
Alex Constantine lambasts Dave Emory.

Death of a Princess
Accident or assassination?

Doc Hambone
Great conspiracy site, with archives.

Extremism Links
Academic resource, many links.

The Green Book by Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi
The complete text, online.

Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Virtual cross burnings?

John Birch Society
None dare call it conspiracy!

Kultcha: A Wallnewspaper by Kerry Thornley
Rants and subversion from the master paranoiac.

Malcolm X
English-language German site with links and information.

Michael A. Hoffman II's Campaign for Radical Truth in History
White slaves in America, Holohoax, occult methodology in subliminal advertising, more!

Nation of Islam Online
Articles and speeches by the Hon. Louis Farrakhan.

Princess Diana's Death and the Unanswered Questions!dodi-1.html
If you were Dodi, would YOU have let a "drunk" person drive you and your girlfriend?

Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories
"Anyone who doesn't know that the order to murder Diana came from the Hanover/Windsor power structure is lacking an understanding of world affairs."

Sovereign's WWW Content Page
Links to news and events that the national and international media would never be allowed to print!

Steamshovel Press
Publishes excellent magazine on conspiracies.

Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page
Can anyone tell me what "White Nationalist" means?

Student Revisionist Resource Site
Examines revisionist viewpoint on history.

A wide variety of articles on the dark side of politics and history

White Aryan Resistance Hate Page
Not to be confused with Roger Metzger, former major-league shortstop.

Black Panther
The Black Panthers
History, biographies.

Black Power
Right-on links and resources!

Factsheet: Armenian Genocide

Home Web page of Arthur R. Butz
Introduction to the study of Holocaust revisionism.

"Ich bin kein bewaffneter Krieger, sondern ein militanter Pazifist!"

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
Mr. X on the Net.

Fair Play
Excellent e-zine on the JFK assassination. Archives, links.

JFK Assassination Home
A growing database of documents...

Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Presents evidence that Oswald acted alone.

Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
An electronic index to records relevant to the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry
You'll not find many answers... but perhaps more questions.

Real History Archives
Site designed to provide researchers with links and leads to finding real information about what our true history is, based on new but assuredly unpopular information.

Acacia Press
Reprints of old anti-Masonic books with online excerpts.

R & D
Bureau of Atomic Tourism
Promotes tourist destinations—in particular, the sites of atomic explosions.

Exploratorium Home Page
Features the Virtual Cow's Eye Dissection!

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Publishers of The Skeptical Inquirer.

Fortean Times Online
The journal of strange phenomena. Great links section.

Mu and Alternate Archeology
Mu Revival Page.

Skeptics Society
The truth is out there...

The Sourcebook Project
Catalogs unusual natural phenomena. Recommended.

Strange Magazine
An objective, levelheaded approach to strange phenomena.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology
"A specialized repository of relics and artifacts from the Lower Jurassic, with an emphasis on those that demonstrate unusual or curious technological qualities." Huh?

Muzej Nikole Tesle — Nikola Tesla Museum
Home page for the Belgrade museum

Nikola Tesla Page
Excellent Tesla link section!

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens
There are 59,980 Men-in-Black surrounding you...

The Art Bell Web Page
Radio show site, with emphasis on UFO and cult activities.

Flying Saucer Review
The leading international journal on UFOs.

Internet UFO Group
An excellent source of UFO-related material.

The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
Dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon.

Leading Edge International Research Group
Publishers of the Matrix books on UFOs and mind control.

MUFON/Mutual UFO Network
Spotting 'em since 1969.

The National UFO Reporting Center
Dedicated to the collection and dissemination of objective UFO information.

Raelian Home Page
The message given to Rael by people from Space.

Saucer Smear
Approaches the UFO mystery with a note of humor and common-sense skepticism.

UFO Coverup and Theories
Document archive.

UFO Folklore
UFOs 'R' Us!

An excellent collection of Ufology resources.

UNARIUS Academy of Science
Ten-time winners of the MUFON "Best Costume" award!

8-Track Heaven
Your Guide to the World of 8-Track.

Analogue Modular Systems, Inc
Museum of Synthesizer Technology.

Anime Shrine
All things anime.

Anomalous Records
Specializing in experimental, abstract, electro-acoustic, ambient, textural, sculptural, surreal, modern classical and other strange musics.

Awful Music
Really, really, really awful music. The kind we like...

Burt Bacharach: A House Is Not a Homepage

A Brief History of Electronic Instruments
A look at the pre-digital era.

Karen Carpenter Home Page
Bio, discography, more!

Richard Carpenter Home Page
What's he doing now? Find out here...

Cluster Information Service
Plenty of space here

Cool and Strange Music! Magazine
Resource for unusual tunes and vinyl

Klaus Dinger/Neu/La Dusseldorf
Krautrock nexus.

Ebonics Online
Ebonics translations of Paradise Lost, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Hamlet, more!

Ebonics Links
Links to mo' Ebonics sites!

Experimental Musical Instruments
With an emphasis on the out-of-the-ordinary.

The Faust Page
English-language repository for Faust fanatics.

Serge Gainsbourg
It's in French...

The Heino Links
Ground zero for Heino.

Extensive site devoted to rave culture and electronic music.

Internet Underground Music Archive
Lots of new and unusual bands here.

Kraftwerk Links
Many, many links.


The Official Authorized Yma Sumac Home Page

The Official Lego World Wide Web Site
A good place to meet kids...

Pink Frankenstein
Francoise Hardy, Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood, Universal horror, more!

Barbie Links on the Web
HUGE Barbie site, with an emphasis on collecting.

Psychic TV Guide
An extensive Psychic TV discography.

Public Access Television Web Sites
Links to over 113 access centers with sites on the Net.

The Rat Pack
An homage to Dino, Frankie, Sammy and Las Vegas culture

The Roadside America Home page
Your travel guide to offbeat attractions, tourist traps, weird vacations, hypertourism marvels. Museums, mermaids, atomic voodoo.

Gabor Szabo-Iconoclasm
All the facts on the King of Raga Jazz.

Sanrio Home Page
Where you can find out that Hello Kitty is a Scorpio!

Shareware Music Machine
The world's biggest music software site.

Silver Apples Home Page
Oscillate, oscillate!

Synth Zone
MIDI and synthesizer sites, sounds and resources guide.

The Joe Meek home page.

The Theremin Home Page
Historical information on this fascinating electronic instrument.

Throbbing Gristle
"Throbbing Gristle was the gigantic birth of everything... "

Ultimate Band List
It's exactly what it says it is. Recently updated and improved.

The Unofficial Sid and Marty Krofft Home Page
Interviews, tape exchange, chat room, puzzles, links, more!

The Urban Legends Archive
I still won't eat bubble gum...

Vik Trola's Lounge of Self-Indulgence
Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music's new Web home.

Scott Walker
Vox dei, vox Scott.

The Waltons Home Page
This site is dedicated to the global community that strives to maintain family values as exemplified by the Waltons.

Web Page For Brian Wilson
Over and over the crow cries uncover the corn field...

WFMU Radio 91.1 FM
The liver spot on your radio dial.

Coney Island Circus Sideshow
The last remaining authentic Ten-in-One Circus Sideshow in the United States.

Shocked and Amazed!
Devoted to the lure of the midway and sideshow.

The Tokyo Shock Boys!
Shooting fireworks out of their butts and into your heart!

The Torture King
How does he do it?

Hot Rod
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
Rat Fink News, a museum, lots of "hep" talk.

Welcome to Manga
Source for manga titles and links.

A Bettie Page
The biggest Bettie Page link site on the Web.

Skinheads UK
Bands, links, Saxon Magazine.

Resistance Records
Berserkr, Nordic Thunder, Rahowa, Ian Stuart Tribute video, more!

Richard Wagner Archive
Comprehensive site from a Wagner scholar.

Art Crimes
A gallery of graffiti art from cities around the world.

Luis Bu – uel
His thought and films.

David Cronenberg
Excellent site. "I don't have a moral plan. I'm a Canadian."

Film Noir Reader
Some chapters from the book of seminal essays on film noir.

Film Wizards' Cult Movie Arcade
"Super Rare Cult Videos Uncut and Uncensored for Adults Only!" Has Caligula and cannibal sections...

Fluxus Online
Yes. No. What?

Futurism: Manifestoes and Resources
Manifestoes online!

Girls on Film
Lots of photos of stars like Jackie Chan without shirts or in bathing suits. Yeah! Also features the "bad fashion page"!

Hong Kong Cinema
The granddaddy of all Hong Kong sites.

The Internet Movie Database
Excellent reference site.

interFACE - main PIRATE page pirate.html
Home page for British pirate radio station.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
"Audiences must be assassinated, killed, destroyed, and they must leave the theater as new people."

Neue Slowenische Kunst
Get your passport here for the virtual state!

Quick-loading, high-grade underground culture zine. Recommended.

Raw Visions Magazine
Source for art brut and outsider art, great links.

Russ Meyer

Shocking Images
Everything from gore, [s]exploitation, horror, and Asian films as well as loads of video, soundtrack, book and music reviews.

The Ray Dennis Steckler Homepage
King of the B movies offers monster, slasher and adult movies featuring nude Las Vegas models.

Stelarc Official Web Site
The body and its relationship with technology through human/machine interfaces incorporating the Internet and Web, sound, music, video and computers.

Survival Research Laboratories
Please stay behind the yellow line!

Jean Cocteau
Survey of Cocteau's films.

Jean Cocteau: Poet of the Cinema.
Essay on his life and art.

Tristan Tzara's essay on Dada.

The University of Iowa Libraries' International Dada Archive.

John Waters
Welcome to Dreamland
A site devoted to filmmaker John Waters.

Surrealism Server
"The Surrealism Server serves itself and no other."

The Andy Warhol Musem Page

David Wojnarowicz' Tongues of Flame

In Sleaze We Trust

The Drudge Report
Current king of sleaze.

Gossip Central
Links to Liz Smith and E! Online.

Hollywood Gossip
Interactive gossip bulletin boards.

Check out the latest sleaze!
Luke Ford, the Louella Parsons of porn.

Archive of Hacked Web sites
An array of sites that have been hacked, for inspiration!

The Avenger
Tips for revenge.

A Brief History of Hackerdom
Hacker history in epic proportions, "The Rise of Unix" and "The End of Elder Days."

Get Primitive!
Make your own Stone Age tools.

Gothic Martha Stewart
Late-night how-to!

Gothic Gardening
Theme gardens, includes a poisoner's garden.

Ground Zero
Backyard ballistics and homemade explosives.

The Kitchen Link
Make bombes!

Lenny's Blades and Things
Knives, knots and herbs.

Linux NOW!
Linux now, Linux wow!

MkLinux: Linux for the Power Macintosh
Linux source for PowerMac users.

Pure Rage
Touts itself as "Ultimate Site of Sin," has revenge tactics.

Rocky Mountain Survival Group
A treasure trove of information.

Slashdot: News for Nerds,. Stuff That Matters
Not just for nerds, essential tech info.

The Spy Store
Lots of wonderful toys available.

Survival Webring;list
List of all sites in the Survival Ring, over 250 sites.

The Underground List
Plain-wrap archive of classic undergound websites.

World's Greatest Hacking Links
"Hackers are America's Greatest Natural Resource."

Worldwide Piracy Initiative
Indexes resources regarding freedom of information and expression, and forbidden knowledge.

Y2K Personal Preparedness Webring;list
Lists over 200 sites to help you survive the new millenium!

Georges Bataille
Great introduction to Bataille's life and work.

Georges Bataille in America
Essays on Bataille.

Nietzsche Aphorisms
A new aphorism each new dawn!

Pirate Nietzsche Page
Comprehensive page of links with a discussion group.

Thus Spake Zarathustra
Hypertext version.


Deja News
A great way to research newsgroups. Huge archive of articles.

terminal: home
Awesome source for links.

Blood on the Page
Specialists in rare and collectible books on true crime.

In addition to their own catalog has "Literary Leaps," a used-bookstore link section.

Cloak and Dagger Books
The world's largest dealer in new and out-of-print books on intelligence and related fields.

Factsheet Five
Your Net guide to parallel culture. Zines, zines, and more zines!

John Labovitz's E-Zine List
This is a directory of electronic zines around the world, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, e-mail and other services. 2002