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My Sister and I
Friedrich Nietzche
The revised and updated edition of Nietzsche's disputed final work, including textual research supporting its authenticity and translations of his final correspondence. Reportedly written in the mental institution at Jena following his celebrated mental collapse in Turin, and smuggled out by a fellow inmate to avoid the tyrannical eye of his sister (with whom he confesses to an incestuous relationship), My Sister and I is a reflective counterpoint to the megalomania and stridency of Ecce Homo
ISBN 1-878923-01-3 trade paper 330 pp., illustrated, $14.95
" Is it Nietzsche's last work a scabrous, incantatory memoir smuggled out of the mental hospital where he was confined in 1890 or an elaborate forgery, the Hitler diaries of its day? ... Whether it's his own work or not, My Sister and I sounds like you always imagined Nietzsche would if you ever got him drunk enough." Lingua Franca
" All that need be said is that surely no one interested in Nietzsche's thought, style, or life can view dispassionately this apocryphal book's reappearance." International Studies in Philosophy
" Nietzsche scholar Walter Stewart makes a convincing case for the work's authenticity." Publisher's Weekly
" There is an adventure of both intellect and spirit to be had here." Contemporary Psychology
" To look at the text as if it were by Nietzsche is far more interesting and more in keeping with Nietzsche's spirit... Nietzsche has accused philosophy of policing truth, of only allowing certain truths to be told. The damage done by not listening to other voices and not believing because of lack of preparation for a new truth is great. Why not believe this possible story?" Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Thought
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